Atlanta pharmacy hit by thieves 5 times this year

A south Atlanta Pharmacy hopes it will not be forced out of business after thieves hit the store 5 times this year. 

Employees at Trinity Pharmacy II on Princeton Lake Way said burglars broke in on Monday of this week and came back Thursday morning at 5:15.

"This one is the worst because they stole our safe with deadly narcotics in it. Drugs like Oxycodine and Percocett are now in the wrong hands on the streets of Atlanta," Pharmacy manager Valeria Price- Richardson said. 

The pharmacy has been open for less than two years. Employees said hooded men were captured on surveillance cameras using two crowbars to break out glass doors and windows to get in. 

Dr. Price-Richardson said not only does it take a financial toll on the independent pharmacy, but it affects our patients as well. 

"We had a friendly, welcoming environment, now it will feels like a jail since we are forced to put bars on the windows," Price-Richardson said.