Atlanta patrons upset over lack of seats at restaurants

Many Atlanta area restaurants are reporting an increase in business, most importantly the dine-in clientele. However, they also are seeing an increase in frustrated, stressed out patrons.

It is not what is on the menu that is causing problems. Instead, it is a lack of seating that is leading to long wait times.

Karen Bremer, the chief executive officer of the Georgia Restaurant Association, explained the rules established because the pandemic remains in place.

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As a result, customers walk in and see every other table is empty, and they complain they are ready to sit down and relax.

"Restaurant owners want to be accommodating," said Bremer, "but we have to follow the rules. We would like to feed everyone."

Bremer said there is pent-up demand to eat out. She suggests patrons try going out early in the week when it is unlikely they will encounter a wait.

As for when the pandemic rules at restaurants will be relaxed, Bremer cannot say.

"The governor is following the science," she said.

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