Atlanta official proposes change to crack down on street racing

The Atlanta City Council is considering an ordinance change to help curb street racing in the city.

"There's no neighborhood, no area of the city that is not affected," said Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond. "They want it to stop. They want the activity to end."

Outcries to end street racing have been ongoing for months.

"This is insane. No one can convince me that I'm being outrageous in my not approving of the defiance of street laws," said Amber Connor, security chair for Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods.

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Bond introduced an ordinance change to help crack down on it.

"All we're doing is seeking another level of accountability for people who are charged with these specific things that have impacted the public safety of Atlanta," he said.

The change would require anyone arrested for street racing to go before a judge before being released from jail. As it stands now, offenders can just get a signature bond. That's because Atlanta's Municipal Court is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bond says the court is expected to open on Monday.

"We have to do something. Just wishing and hoping doesn't really do much. I want the roads safe," said Connor.

Bond says this ordinance adds an extra layer of accountability for repeat street racers.

"This in no way changes any of the charges, doesn't change the sentencing, doesn't change the fines, it doesn't even prevent a person from signing their own signature bond," said Bond.

Atlanta's Public Safety Committee will talk about this ordinance Monday.

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