Atlanta Mayor Hosts Public Safety Meeting

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Tensions fueled by anxiety over crime have caused many Atlanta homeowners to put the blame on Mayor Kasim Reed. 

Public safety unions have even produced anti-mayor signs which have made the mayor upset.

But, not every homeowner feels this way. A Buckhead resident and businessman staged a one-man demonstration at city hall in support of Mayor Reed.

Majid Fakhrzadeh produced his own sign to show to motorists and others why he feels Mayor Reed is doing a good job, including supporting public safety. On the sign, the resident says, the mayor has a challenge spreading the city's resources around. He believes Mayor Reed is being fiscally responsible.

Mayor Reed heard about the unusual demonstration and invited Fakhrzadeh to his office.

Tuesday night, Mayor Reed will be afforded an opportunity to say in his own words to a large audience of homeowners how he is trying to keep them safe. Sources say he will come with specifics, including opening up the city's checkbook to pay for extra police patrols through overtime. That meeting will be held at a church on the same block where a teen put a gun in the face of a young mother in her driveway, while one of her children was sitting in the family car.