Atlanta police searching for gunman who shot driver on interstate

An Atlanta man is recovering after someone shot him while driving and police need help to find the gunman.

The shooting happened over the weekend along Interstate 20 East near the Interstate 75/85 SB ramp in Downtown Atlanta.

Jason Phillips calls it a traumatizing situation and he has a message for other drivers.

"There have been sleepless nights, nightmares," Phillips explained.

He said he was driving to work at around 3 p.m. Saturday when another driver pulled up beside him and opened fire.

"I know exactly what the guy looks like. I can still see his face. That's not going anywhere," he said.

Just before the gunman inside a white Nissan Maxima began shooting, "a guy cut me off and when he did, he drove around me again and I flipped him off and he shot at my car."

He said the gunman fired about eight shots.

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"Lots of damage to the car, lots of stuff gonna have to be replaced. Bullet holes in the dash, bullet holes in the console, windshield glass everywhere," Phillips mentioned.

One bullet hit his leg.

"I pulled over immediately. I start checking for other areas, have I been shot anywhere else? I tried not to panic, he said.

Given how differently this situation could have ended, Phillips has a warning for drivers before getting behind the wheel.

"If someone cuts you off, just let them go. It's not worth it. You don't know what's gonna happen afterward. You don't know what they have in the car with them. Again, you don't know what Kind of day they're having," he warned.

After going through this traumatizing experience, Phillips said he would react differently.

"There was a lot of traffic that day. I'm sure somebody saw something," he said.

Phillip can’t work as he recovers and said his car is likely totaled.

fundraiser has been set up to help him make ends meet during his recovery.

Anyone with information about what happened Saturday afternoon, call the police or Crime Stoppers.

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