Atlanta man robbed, shot leaving wedding reception

The gunman in a violent robbery is on the run after shooting a man who was waiting for an Uber in Atlanta.

Atlanta Police say they were called to the area on the 50 block of West Brookhaven Drive in response to a man being shot in the abdomen.

When they got there, police found three people who were with the man shot, who told them they were leaving a wedding reception at the Capitol City Club and waiting for an Uber.

Atlanta police say the four were watched by two men in a white car.

One of them got out and pulled a gun on the group. They all gave up their cell phones and other valuables, including wallets.

The robber started walking back to the getaway car.

But one of the victims started to follow and that action sparked violence.

The gunman turned and fired a shot, hitting the man in the stomach.

Motorist Jaime Griffon was right there and heard the shot. She called 911 and tried to keep everyone calm.

"They weren't calm," she said, "but the 911 operator was great giving me instructions on what to tell them to attend to the guy who got shot".

The victim was rushed to Piedmont Hospital.

Officials believe the victim may have tried to reason with the gunman to make a request to get his license back.

Police don't yet have a specific description of the white car nor the gunman. Investigators say he is a young black male clad in a gray hoodie and jeans.