Atlanta man reunited with the people who saved his life, including FOX 5's Ken Rodriguez

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They rush to help in the worst situations. EMS workers from eight Georgia counties were honored during an award ceremony Wednesday night.  

One man told the story of how he owes his life to first responders. 

"There are no words to express how grateful I am thank you so much for what you do and keep doing it, thank you," said Matthew Jadlocki. 

The 36-year-old was jogging in the Morningside community January 29 when he went into cardiac arrest. 

FOX 5's Ken Rodriguez was driving by and saw the man collapse. Ken immediately called 911 and started CPR. 

Stephen Woolfitt and Kendal Krueger with Grady EMS were there within minutes. 

"I've been in pit crew areas at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Miss Kendall and her crew, it was like watching a pit stop, they were amazing," said Rodriguez. 

Woolfitt and Krueger continued CPR and administered 4 shocks with a defibrillator. They rushed him to Emory University Hospital where Dr. Michael Carr was working in the E.R. One week later, Matthew Jadlocki walked out of the hospital. 

"Matthew's story of survival is a testament of the importance of early bystander CPR. Without people like Ken to immediately administer chest compressions, patient survival dramatically decreases," said Dr. Carr. 

A story of survival that took a team when every second counts. 

"I couldn't tell the story without getting emotional and I stopped to think these EMS personnel do this every day," said Rodriguez. 

"It's really incredible that it all came together and I can say I"m standing here today," said Jadlocki. 

EMS workers don't often get to find out what happens to their patients once they get to the hospital.  For Woolfit and Krueger it was wonderful to meet Jadlocki and see him in such good shape. 

"We often don't know what happens to our patients and luckily the doctor was able to reunite us," said Woolfitt. 

"It's such a privilege to see that he's walking and see him running," said Krueger.