Atlanta lawmakers debate tiny houses ordinances

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Atlanta's Zoning Committee is considering changes to an ordinance regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), commonly referred to as Tiny Houses. The result could allow more of the structures to be built on single family lots throughout the city.

Nadia Giordani moved a 300 square foot unit to the backyard of her Cabbagetown home. She plans to move into the smaller structure and rent her home.

"I built it because I wanted options when my daughter went to college and I would be alone," says Giordani. 

Some opposed to such a move worry about the properties being used for short-term rentals like AirBNB, any affect on traffic and parking, as well as any adjustments on property values.

Vince Pizza lives next to Giordani. He had additional reservations about the ADU being constructed. He was somewhat inconvenienced during the move.

"It took a lot of coordination and effort, we had to take down trees and shrubs," says Giordani. "I think we'll be fine. I've got some (trees), hopefully they'll grow pretty."

The Zoning Committee will detail specifics of the ordinance and hear feedback from the public. 

"This is going to allow people to voice their concerns,"  says Will Johnston with the MicroLife Institute. "I would say add innovative ways for more housing in Atlanta."

Those who are for and against the changes can attend a session that's scheduled for Thursday, December 13th at 6:00 PM at Atlanta City Hall.