Man caught hiding in closet after breaking into Atlanta home, police say

Police officers have arrested a man who they say was caught hiding after he broke into a newly constructed home in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Police Department shared the 911 call and video of the arrest on its Facebook page.

According to police, on March 28, Atlanta 911 received a phone call from a neighbor who said that she saw someone breaking into the home next to hers.

"I can still see the person. He's standing right outside my home now," the woman quietly told the 911 operator, saying that she was scared because she had her baby sleeping in another room.

After getting her exact address, officers quickly arrived at the scene and found broken glass by a door on the street.

The officers entered the building and found a man, identified as Declarence McGhee, hiding in a closet.

McGhee was taken to Fulton County Jail. He's now facing a charge of criminal damage to property.