Atlanta couple cancels Dominican Republic honeymoon after latest death

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An autopsy will be performed on a Colorado man who died Wednesday in the Dominican Republic. That brings the total to 12 Americans who have died after vacationing in the Caribbean nation.

An Atlanta area couple said they have canceled their honeymoon there over these concerns.

"My friends and family were calling and texting me saying ‘You need to not go to the Dominican Republic because there is a lot going on over there,'" said LaShonda Carter

Steaven Misher and LaShonda Carter canceled their honeymoon to the Caribbean nation next week. A change the Atlanta area couple made just three days ago. Word that at least 12 Americans have died there from mysterious illnesses was the main reason for the shift. They also said concerns of sickness hit closer to home.

"My sister just came back from the Dominican Republic and when she came back she was sick. All that was enough," said Misher.

That sister hasn't had an appetite and didn't eat at their wedding rehearsal dinner Thursday, according to Misher.

Concerns over the rash of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic are prompting some airlines to change policies for cancelations and delays.

Carter said not only did they have to change flight but also resorts and the whole itinerary. And it was time-consuming.

"One day, four hours...left home…came back home still on the phone…still on hold," Misher and Carter both agreed. "It took us two days because of the influx of people trying to change."

The couple now plans to go to Jamaica, one of a few Caribbean countries that have gained tourism after studies show bookings for the Dominican Republic dropped 75 percent this month.

"Happiness has no price and peace of mind and knowing you will get back safe is priceless."