Atlanta City Councilman victim of crime; What he learned

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An Atlanta councilman already knows that car crimes are the biggest category driving an increase in crime overall. But Dustin Hillis had no idea he and his wife would become the latest examples of just how quickly a criminal can strike.

The couple stopped on a road in their northwest community of Riverside to check something.

Hillis, who is the chairman of the Atlanta Public Safety Panel, said they were about twenty feet from the vehicle when the incident took place.

"We didn't hear anything," Hillis recalled. "After a few minutes, we walked back to the car and my wife said, 'Where is my purse?'"

Mrs. Hillis' bag and phone were gone. He figured he may have left the car unlocked failing to press the key fob hard enough.

The next step was to call 911. Hillis said he did not mention his tie to City Hall. And he found out that his emergency, a larceny from auto, is not a high priority. He said it took a while, especially since his area is at the far tip of zone two.

"We need more officers," the chair of public safety said.