Atlanta city council member investigating popular nightclub

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One of the most popular nightspots in Atlanta is likely behind seven years in its alcohol taxes. The Compound is a huge nightspot on Brady Avenue in Northwest Atlanta.

An anonymous so-called Buckhead resident fired off an email to several council members last week, accusing the club of not paying its liquor-by-the-drink taxes since 2009.

Council member Mary Norwood was one of the city officials who received the whistle blower correspondence. 

"What we must do in this town is have everybody obey the rules," Norwood said.

Norwood immediately asked the city's finance director, Jim Beard, to research and report on the club's standing with the city at Tuesday's public safety committee meeting. 

The email goes on to claim the club has building, parking and fire violations, but is not being held accountable because the owner has friends in high places.

The Compound is owned by Alex Gidewon. Gidewon's attorney, Dwayne Martin, conceded his client has a tax liability that dates back to 2009, but it is debt his client is attempting to address. Martin said he, Gidewon and city officials met on Friday to address the issue. 

Norwood is adamant that every business must follow the law.