Atlanta City Council: Landlords have to open doors to low-income residents

Atlanta City Council tells landlords they have to open their doors to low-income residents who - with a subsidy - can afford their apartments. 

The city lawmakers on Monday put their backing behind a federal housing program that once was called Section 8. 

Applicants who have gone through a background check and meet certain income requirements are able to get vouchers worth hundreds of dollars toward the monthly rent. 

Michael Bond, one of the members who voted yes, acknowledge the matter is controversial. 

"Undesirables is the stigma," Bond said in an interview Tuesday evening. 

Another member of the council, Howard Shook, says every member of the council is opposed to housing discrimination of any kind. 

But Shook voted no. He said he is concerned that state lawmakers could slap down the city action at any time. He suggested -- and voted for a resolution -- that would have had the city council wait until state action on housing had taken place.