Atlanta City Council discusses bringing back an old PSA

An Atlanta lawmaker who tried unsuccessfully to toughen the teen curfew has come up with another idea.

Keisha Waites, an Atlanta City Council member, rolled back the clock with an initiative to broadcast a public service announcement aimed at parents.

And, it has a familiar sound to it. "It's 9 p.m., do you know where your children are?"

Beginning in the 1960s, media outlets provided the warning in the evening before a news broadcast.

"It is about accountability," Waites told her colleagues about the resolution she introduced Monday afternoon. 

Michael Bond, the dean of the council, called it "a fantastic idea".

Bond recalled as a boy, he heeded the warning.

"And I knew when the streetlights came on, I needed to get myself home," Bond said. 

The resolution requests that area media outlets partner with Atlanta City Hall to push out the message. 

Every member of council in attendance backed the Waites idea.