What to do when the police stop you: Atlanta councilman uses his own traffic stop as a lesson

An Atlanta City councilman wants to use his own traffic stop as an opportunity to educate drivers on the dos and don'ts when they are pulled over by police.

Councilman Antonio Lewis (Dist. 12) plans to host a March Town Hall meeting to bridge the critical gap between police and the community.

Lewis says his phone has been ringing off the hook since he was pulled over for a registration violation earlier this month.

He says he is hopeful the public's concerns and questions can be addressed during the meeting.

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Atlanta City Councilmember Antonio Lewis

"I've got so many people reaching out to me. So many people have reached out to me about this incident and what they want to know is, 'If I get pulled over, what do I do now?" Lewis said.

Many people don't understand why the 36-year-old was handcuffed and detained for a minor possession of marijuana ticket.

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"My aunt called me saying, I saw you in handcuffs, but they let you go, so folks are confused. You complied with him so much. What happened?" The Councilman said.

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Atlanta City Councilmember Antonio Lewis

Lewis has teamed up with Chris Brown, the founder of CARE for Georgia, to have a citywide Town Hall Summitt meeting with a representative from the Atlanta Police.

"It's fresh on everybody's mind. We just saw Killer Mike at the Grammy's walking out in handcuffs. It's on a black man's mind. Then, I turn around right after Usher, I see Mr. Lewis. It's concerning" Chris Brown of CARE for Georgia said.

Killer Mike being led away in handcuffs after winning three Grammy awards. (Credit: Chris Gardner, Storyful)

"We're trying to talk to people and show them how to react with police and the interaction with the traffic stop. We're trying, also, to show them how to handle the traffic stop, even if you think the police are wrong," the councilman said.

The Town Hall will happen Mar. 18 at the Rozelle Fann Recreation Center, starting at 6 p.m.

Lewis hopes the Citizens' Review Board will take part in the Town Hall. He has also asked the board to investigate his traffic stop.