Atlanta buys ambulances after persistent delays by Grady EMS

The city of Atlanta has purchased two ambulances so firefighters can begin transporting patients on their own.

If someone is ill or there is an act of violence, fire paramedics often are the first to the scene.

However, those firefighters must wait for a Grady EMS ambulance to arrive to begin procedures for moving that individual to the hospital.

Delayed arrivals by Grady EMS has been a topic at City Hall for at least a year.

Councilman Dustin Hillis has called on the city to transition and start its own ambulance division.

Meanwhile, the violent episodes witnessed in every part of Atlanta have spiked the homicide count in just the first four months of 2022.

Chief Rodney Bryant told members of council he would like to know if delayed medical response could be a reason why the homicide count is so high. Could a quicker response potentially save an individual who has been shot or stabbed?

When Atlanta fire receives its first two ambulances, they will be deployed on the southern end of the city bordering Fulton County.