Prominent Atlanta businesses seeks to give 25K Black men free life insurance

Two prominent African-American businesses in Atlanta are giving back to the community. 

The owners of the Slutty Vegan and Big Dave’s Cheesesteak have made it their mission to sign up 25,000 Black men for free life insurance.

"We know it’s going to be a journey and a tough task but we are two Black-owned businesses Atlanta supports and we wanted to help out the community," said Derrick Hayes, owner of Big Dave’s Cheesesteak.

They are two business owners with one mission. Thursday, the owners came together to help African-American men in the community.

"We came up with the Square One campaign as a way to provide free life insurance for any Black man 15-45 years old who makes 30,000 or less. As we see statistically this is the age range Black men are dying at a high rate," said Pinky Cole, owner of The Slutty Vegan.

"This is a real problem in the Black community. Black men are dying and families aren’t able to put their loved ones in the ground. We want to be able to change the narrative," Hayes said.

It’s more than a campaign for Derrick Hayes who grew up in West Philadelphia. Hayes said he wants to educate.

"It was me growing up in a lower-income community and I didn’t learn this. Now, that I have the financial resources and knowing what’s going on I want to spread the knowledge to my brothers," Hayes said.

For Pinky Cole it’s about making sure people are OK. 

"It’s not about life or death. It’s about financial literacy, generational wealth and if something happens to you they wouldn’t have to go to a fish fry or GoFundMe to try and figure it out," Cole said. 

As the two work towards their goal of signing up 25,000 men they hope they can change at least one life. 

They are challenging other businesses to give back. 

"If you have the platform or the voice to make a change then do that," Cole said. "We have a responsibility to ourselves and community to pour back into the people who support you every single day." 

"We are just two Black-owned businesses that really care about Atlanta and want to help the lower-income communities out right now," Hayes said.

"As long as I have breath, Derrick has breath then we are going to continue to do the work," Cole said.

There’s still time to sign up. For more information click here.

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