Truist Park, Cobb County Police gear up for Braves' NLDS against Phillies

As the Atlanta Braves make their last-minute preparations on the field, crews are working outside Truist Park to get ready for their 2023 Postseason debut Saturday as they take on the Philadelphia Phillies for an NLDS rematch. 

Craig Spillker flew in on Friday from Nebraska. He is a Braves' fan who was able to snag tickets for game one.

"I’ve never been to an actual Braves game in person," he said. "I’ve seen them play in other parks, but to do that all and have it be the playoffs, I’m definitely excited."

Truist Park is sold out for the Postseason. The Braves expect roughly 42,000 fans for each game with another 10,000 to 20,000 at the Battery.

"We’ve had the fortunate aspect of how we’ve done this for the past couple of years, so we’ve seen a large amount of crowds," said Nicholas Danz from Cobb County Fire.

To be prepared for the fans, Cobb County Public Safety agencies will station extra officers and medics onsite. Some will even work 12-hour shifts on game days.

They are not just bringing in manpower, but also technology like drones to keep the good times rolling in the Postseason. 

"They are as safe as they can be at any event, the Cobb County Police Department, sheriff’s office, fire department, all of our local partners, local agencies, we have state and federal agencies also assisting," said Sgt. Wayne Delk from Cobb County Police.

For Braves fans, the focus is on the field. They are ready and hoping to watch a win in person. 

"You get a different energy being in the stadium, so I’m excited to sense that within Atlanta," said Abbie Fougeron.

"I wish it was tomorrow, so ready for the game day experience here at Truist," Spillker said.