Businesses get boosted benefit as Braves head into postseason

As Braves fans cheered on the team at Truist Park Monday night, local businesses are planning for the postseason. They say the better the Braves do, the better for business.

The Braves were the MLB team to clinch a playoff berth. Businesses at The Battery hope it's a deep postseason run because every game played means more potential sales.

"Baseball is alive in the region for sure, said Brad Ficek, with Baseballism 

Ficek says it's already been a great season and says here in Braves Country, fans can't seem to get enough of the action. 

"Lots of baseball fans coming through The Battery. It's a great community, so we're so excited for the postseason and all the extra games and the chance for more fans to come in and see the Braves," said Ficek. 

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The Atlanta Braves getting into the postseason can translate into some big bucks for businesses in Cobb County, especially at The Battery. (FOX 5)

A postseason means packed restaurants, bars and shops. 

"It's booming it's like crazy. This generally is a wow factor for a lot of people when they get here. But it's always good to get people from out of town, bringing them in and give them a little southern hospitality," said Queen Malik with River Street Sweets at the Battery. 

Queen Malik with River Street Sweets says they've been preparing for postseason play because they know that will mean postseason sales in the shop. 

"Ordering more than usual. We're probably double, triple the products just so we can make sure everybody who walks through these doors can have that feeling of a kid in a candy store," said Malik. 

It's not just the businesses at The Battery that benefit. Cobb County officials say during the playoffs surrounding businesses benefit as well.