Atlanta 6-year-old and his mom write books to help tackle challenging topics

All of us found unique ways to cope when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. A local 6-year-old and his mom started painting rocks to pass time.

Those small rocks eventually led to a story and the pair later went on to publish a book called "Rock in the Pocket".

"The book is about being unique and special, like people," described 6-year-old Kase Williams.

Williams was only 4 years old when the pandemic hit, and it was during that time when he and his mom, Rocky Griggs, became inspired to help other kids.

"It was all at the park," said Williams, "Me and my cousin were playing with rocks."

"They would have them in their pockets," described Griggs, "They would literally come home with a pocket full of rocks."

Griggs told FOX 5 that she and her son started painting the rocks to pass time and eventually gave them names. The whole thing then turned into an idea to create a book using the rocks as characters.

"Rocks are unique in shape. They're all different.. The rocks are there to navigate the two characters ,Tia and Christopher, around challenging topics that arise within young kids lives," said Griggs.

What started as a book has now turned into a brand. Williams said he wanted to start selling "Rock in the Pocket" themed merchandise too. He now has everything from water bottles, t-shirts, backpacks, and a set of painted rocks named after the three rock characters in the book.

Williams hopes the book can be an inspiration for other kids too, and that the rocks can teach life lessons along the way.

"If I'm getting bullied, and I have a rock in the pocket then I just walk away from that bully," explained Williams.

Williams said the biggest reminder he gets from the rock he carries in his pocket is that it's ok to be different.

"Being unique doesn't make anyone strange. We're all unique in our own way as a superpower," said Williams.

Williams and Griggs are celebrating the launch of their "Rock in the Pocket" website on Saturday. It's also Williams' 7th birthday. He plans to give away 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in need.