Atlanta attorney responds to R. Kelly charges

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An Atlanta attorney is weighing in tonight on the new charges against R&B singer R. Kelly, prosecutors in Chicago are changing him with 11 counts of sexual abuse against a minor. This comes as Kelly already faces 10 counts of sexual assault charges in another case.

Gerald Griggs has been working with victims and cases related to R. Kelly for more than 2 years.

He was relieved to hear that 11 more charges were filed against the singer, accusing him of sexual abuse against a teen.

“They are serious allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor,” said Griggs.

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He doesn’t represent that alleged victim but he does represent accusers in Atlanta and Chicago who also say they were abused by Kelly.

“Several of my clients were responsible for getting together all of the survivors to elevate their story and place it in the public’s eye,” said Griggs. “Mainly we’ve been investigating, gathering evidence and providing it to law enforcement.” 

He believes there will be additional charges that come forward both here in Atlanta as well as Chicago.

“My hope is this will empower the ones who haven’t come forward, to come forward,” said Griggs.

Griggs says he knows of on-going investigations in Illinois, Georgia and

New York. There is also an on-going federal investigation as well.

As for the most recent charges, Kelly is expected to be arraigned next week in Chicago.