Atlanta asks retired officers to come back and work

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Some of them answered the call 40 years ago, but now the city of Atlanta is making an appeal for retired police officers to come back to work in every zone in every neighborhood across the city.

City council members said the extraordinary step is recognition by police brass that there is a critical shortage of beat cops who can go on regular patrols.

If a retiree accepts the offer, he or she will be assigned both office duties as well as some limited street assignments, such as driving a police prisoner transport.

The program, which is outlined in an email which former officers received on Thursday, comes in the wake of some high-profile violent crimes, including carjackings in busy shopping areas.

It would not be the first time Atlanta police have asked retirees to come back, but the current assignments are limited. The new program is set to be comprehensive with extra coverage all over the city. Atlanta police has set an hourly wage of $35.