Man breached fence, stole car, and boarded plane at Atlanta airport, police say

Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport are investigating how a man was able to get into a secured area of the airport and board a plane.

It started on Jan. 6 when Terence Stewart allegedly got over the razor wire fence surrounding the perimeter of the airport, according to police.

After breaching the secured area, officials say Stewart hopped into a Delta vehicle and started driving around the airport.

Stewart reportedly ditched the vehicle and decided to board a Southwest plane, coming face to face with a staffer inside the cockpit.

Former prosecutor Keith Martin described the situation as "dangerous."

"You're talking about the potential of a vehicle that could probably run 40 to 60 miles an hour hitting an airplane," Martin said. "I don't know how much damage it would do, but it would be a lot."

Fortunately, the incident occurred overnight when fewer jets were operating.

"The fact that could he could get an airline vehicle, or any vehicle on the property unauthorized, is troubling," Martin said.

Before it was all over and Stewart was placed in handcuffs, he reportedly was able to drive another Delta vehicle.

The Department of Aviation responded with a statement when FOX 5 reached out with questions about the incident.

"Airport employees followed protocol as directed and challenged the suspect to present his credentials, reported him to 911, maintained a safe distance while keeping him in sight, and provided information to Atlanta police officers responding to the incident," a Hartsfield-Jackson spokesperson told FOX 5.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Stewart is now facing several charges including criminal trespassing and theft.