ASU offers safety app for students

Thousands of college students have already downloaded a free app for security on ASU's campus. ASU's police department says this is a great way to mix technology and safety for students.

"Sometimes they may not feel comfortable calling the police department, and maybe it is the students first interaction with the PD, maybe texting them would be a way to increase that communication," said ASU Police Sergeant Daniel Macias.

Macias says the LiveSafe App is designed to make it easier and in some cases faster for students to get in touch with campus police, texting in real time with a dispatcher.

"It basically allows you to communicate with the police department, it enhances our communication with you," said Macias.

The app allows users to report tips anonymously if they chose, and they can send audio, pictures, and video with it.

Another feature called "Safewalk" lets students allow a friend or family member to virtually follow them home.

"I think that this app is a really good idea, especially with being on campus, my friends have told me a lot of sketchy things could happen," said Nia Roane.

"It's nice to know that I can tell people where I'm going, and they know to be worried if I don't get there," said Bronwyn Hazelwood.

ASU police say the app is not meant to take the place of calling 9-1-1. Rather it offers students another alternative to texting police if they feel it is a safer alternative.