As Decision 2016 ramps up so does the trend of 'Trumping your Cat'

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Courtesy: Trumpyourcat

Even before throwing his hat in the political ring for Decision 2016, Donald Trump has made headlines for his reality shows, real estate deals, and of course his hair. So it is no surprise that a social media trend has arisen based upon the golden follicles of the real estate mogul. 

We present: Trumping your cat! The Instagram page of that name hosts a collection of images who boast Trump-like haircuts. The secret to the style?

As the page states: “1. Brush your cat 2. Form the hair you brushed into a toupee 3. Place toupee on cat.” It's genius, or should we say Hair-larious.

The page follows in the footsteps of the Kitty Toupee blog; some of the finest results of trumpyourcat thus far are showcased in the photos section. Others can be found here

Also if you have pictures of your fabulous feline all trumped up, feel free to share them to our FOX 5 Instagram or Facebook page. It's sure to be the cats meow!