Artist Hopes to Make Pumpkins Great Again With a 374-Pound 'Trumpkin'

An Ohio-based artist who has been creating celebrity caricatures on giant pumpkins each Halloween for over 25 years.

This year Jeanette Paras chose Donald Trump as her subject for this year’s pumpkin, and in a pair of photos posted to Paras’s community Facebook page on October 26.

She called the pumpkin ‘Trumpkin’ as well as a mock campaign banner that reads, “Trumpkin: Make pumpkins great again!”

According to the post, her Trumpkin weighs in at 374 pounds.

Paras has altered many other giant pumpkins with celebrity faces in the past, including likenesses of Kim Jong-Un, Miley Cyrus, and Steve Jobs.

Source: Storyful Newswire