Arrests in multi-county crime spree investigation

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It was a big take down in a multi-county crime sweep. Authorities arrested six men.

It started in Walton County, but also involved Gwinnett and Barrow Counties.

The beginning of the end for the crooks started with the theft of two high-end racing motorcycles from a rural Loganville home in Walton County.

They also stole a racing cart. Then, according to the Walton County Sheriff's Office, the burglars hid the motorcycles in the woods across the street.

But a neighbor spotted something shiny in the woods, notifying deputies who set up video surveillance and returned the stolen bikes to the home.

"They came back to see what they could steal and ended up stealing the same bikes again, and went ahead and decided to steal my dads truck," said Chad, who didn't want his last name used.

Chief Deputy Keith Brooks said investigators tracked the stolen motorcycles to a home near the crime scene. From there, evidence led them to Gwinnett County.

"We went to two locations and located items that were possibly stolen from our county from entering autos, cell phones, weapons, IDs, things of that nature," said Brooks.

He said further evidence led investigators to multiple locations in Gwinnett and  Barrow Counties then back to Walton County.

"We went to Social Circle and actually recovered the truck. At this point we've made six arrests. We have 10 pending charges on those six," said Brooks.

The suspects were identified as Alexander Wilson and Justin Mullinax, both 17, Devin Johnson, 18, Christian Mullinax, 19, James Grubbs and Danny Oliver, both 38.

Investigators recovered the stolen motorcycles, race cart and truck as well as other stolen items. Strong evidence they said points to a multi-county crime spree.

"It's definitely fair to say there was a connection between them being able to disseminate or get rid of the property that they took in each perspective county," said Brooks.

Investigators said they expect more victims to surface in Barrow, Walton and Gwinnett Counties.

They're asking anyone with information on this case to contact the Walton County Sheriff's Office.