Man arrested for arson at Target on North Druid Hills Road identified

A person is under arrest after allegedly setting a fire inside a dressing room at the Target store at 2400 N. Druid Hills Road near Briarcliff Road.

According to Brookhaven Police Department, their 911 call center received a call about the fire and police officers arrived at the scene within three minutes of the emergency call being received thanks to their Live911 system. The call was received at 1:18 p.m.

"Our officers were monitoring their Live911 system and heard an emergency call in reference to the fire that was taking place at the Target," said Brookhaven Police Sgt. Jake Kissel. "Our officers immediately started in the direction of the Target, were able to arrive 3 to 4 minutes after initially hearing the Live911 call and prior to being dispatched by our dispatch center."

Target North Druid Hills Road

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"They were quickly pointed in the direction of where the suspect was located and the individual responsible for setting the fire was taken into custody," said Sgt. Kissel.

The suspected arsonist was taken into custody without incident. He was identified as 29-year-old Fonzail Lorenzo Woods Jr. on Friday morning. He is facing charges of first degree arson (felony), obstruction (misdemeanor) and possession of drug-related objects (misdemeanor). 

Brookhaven Police Chief Brandon Gurley says the Live911 system has made the department's response to "critical incidents" much faster.

No other information was released about the arsonist or damage to the store.