Arrest in DeKalb Road Rage Shooting

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She says she thought she was going to die. A motorist heard and felt gunfire on Highway 78 back on October 12.

In just a week and a half, police said they know who shot the woman who had been in front of a driver in her sporty yellow roadster.

The victim is recovering from a shot to the upper back. DeKalb County authorities on Wednesday afternoon announced that a 21-year-old man is responsible. His name is Jose Dionicio Ovalles.

Police said a tipster gave them information about a black mustang. Detectives who were separately working a stolen car case made the connection and now serious charges have resulted.

The victim said all she did was wave the motorist to go around her as he was traveling at a brisk pace. He did, but did not say thank you. He allegedly allowed her minutes later to catch up to him, aimed and fired.

Ovalles has been charged with aggravated assault and gun charges.