Aptly named dog 'Bravery' overcomes horrifying accident

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Stories of animal abuse and neglect have a way of firing people up. The outrage often explodes on social media, but the terrible story of a dog named Bravery has inspired a huge outpouring of compassion for a little dog who lost a limb in what must have been a horrific accident.

Looking into the happy face of Bravery gives no clue what's happening on the other end of him. Bravery is missing a hind leg. The pure horror can be seen in a ghastly photo shared by Angels Among Us. The photo is so bad, Facebook tagged it for its mature content. It can be a little hard to look at.

The photo was from the first day in the loving care of the animal rescue group Angels Among Us. They were contacted by Toccoa-Stephens County Animal Control which found him tangled in bushes. All that was left of his left hind leg was exposed bone. Caregivers aren’t sure what happened, perhaps Bravery had stumbled into an animal trap.

“The quickest thing I could say is that it would take your breath away. It was truly devastating,” said Linda Diack with Angels Among Us.

Bravery was brought to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Sandy Spring. A veterinary surgeon had to amputate what was left of bravery's leg. Medicine has helped fight off infection.

His story posted on angels among us social media went viral. Hundreds of thousands of people were certainly touched and wanted to help.

“The donations were actually overwhelming. We received over $19,000 and not only helps save him, but helps to save so many animals with angels among us,” said Diack.

BluePear vets said it is true dogs respond to catastrophic injuries better than humans. Bravery seems unfazed by his missing limb.

“He loves to play. He loves to sit. He loves other dogs. We know there is a perfect family out there for him,” said Diack.

Bravery has some more recovery to do and then he will be put up for adoption by Angels Among Us.

Anyone who wants to help one of the many animals like Bravery, brought to Angels Among Us who are dire medical need, go to angelsrescue.org/donatenow.