APD body cam video: 6 arrested in anti-ICE protest

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Atlanta police have released body cam video of protestors from a Fourth of July march against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The march was scheduled to start at Woodruff Park and then end at Centennial Olympic Park.

But police say things quickly escalated.

That's when they stepped in.

The department told FOX 5 News that protestors kicked patrol cars and through items at the vehicles.

"After repeatedly ignoring officers’ repeated requests to stay on the sidewalk during their protest, these individuals chose to become violent and scuffle with and obstruct officers attempting to make arrests," a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement.

"To be clear, these are not lawful protestors expressing their freedom to assemble peaceably," the statement continued. "This group is comprised of anti-police anarchists who immediately become violent when asked to comply with the law." 

Officers arrested six people. 

They face charges including disorderly conduct and for being a pedestrian in the roadway.

You can watch the full body camera footage below. Viewer discretion is advised.