Anti-Trump rally marches through downtown Dallas

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Hundreds of people took to the streets Monday evening, ahead of Donald Trump’s campaign rally at the American Airlines Center.

They marched through Dallas and ended up at the American Airlines Center in an effort they are calling "Dump the Trump."

Participants began marching at 5:30 p.m. from Cathedral de Guadalupe. More than 1,000 participants yelled anti-Trump cheers, held Dump Trump signs and even Donald Trump piñatas.

The march was organized by the North Texas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

"We are not political piñatas. Trump is turning Americans on each other with his hateful and racist rhetoric. We will show him that Americans believe in inclusion and being a country of immigrants," said  Domingo Garcia, President of LULAC Council 102 and a co-march organizer.

The energized crowd turned their dislike of Donald Trump into a rally for Hispanic and minority pride.

"When you hurt one minority, you hurt all, so it's not about just my race; it's about every race,” said Denise Hamilton, who marched. “I mean, he just perpetuates hate."

There were Trump supporters at the American Airlines Center, and at one point, they and protesters went head-to-head on the issue of immigration.