Another smash & grab in Atlanta

They caused a lot of damage, but employees at an Atlanta cell phone store said Monday that thieves got away with very little after they backed a moving truck through the front doors.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, a crew of burglars hit the Metro PCS store on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive at around 2:30 a.m.  The thieves cut power to the building and used a U-Haul to smash through the glass storefront. 

"That's something very rare, because most lay-citizens or any person with no electrical experience really wouldn't know how to manipulate the power without causing harm to themselves." said Atlanta Police Sgt. Warren Pickard.  "So, that's something to really look at as well." 

Investigators said the group arrived at the scene in two vehicles--the U-Haul and a sedan.  They are not sure whether the U-Haul was stolen or rented.  Surveillance cameras did capture some video of the truck before it lost power, police said. 

The store was open for business on Monday.  Employees told FOX 5 that it appears the burglars were not able to take much if anything from the store because the alarm went off, alerting police.