Another Italian town, Bivona, is selling homes that need repairs for $1

Do you dream to one day live in Italy? Look no further than Bovina, Sicily, a small town in the southern island that is selling homes for a little more than $1 to boost its population and save itself from disappearing.

The mountain town is easing its building restrictions and offering tax incentives and bonuses to anyone who wants to pay a little more than $1 to buy dozens of homes that are in dire need of repair.

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Over the years, the town has lost many of its young residents to big cities offering better opportunities. There are only about 3,800 people in the area today, Bivona’s culture councilor Angela Cannizzaro told CNN.

The only requirements are that people who are interested in buying a home get a $2,750 bond and must fix up the home within four years. They have the option of keeping it as a residence or converting it into a hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant or retail store.

But more tax bonuses and incentives will be offered to people who choose to live in the city.

Some of the homes almost need to be rebuilt from the ground up, but others only need minimal work, according to CNN.

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The town, which came to life in the Middle Ages, is surrounded by valleys, olive and orange groves and almond plantations, Travel & Leisure reported. Every summer, the town also holds a peach festival.

Potential buyers can register by emailing

Bivona isn't the first Italian village to offer homes at incredibly low prices in an effort to restore its population. Cammarata and Mussomeli are also offering incentives for people to rebuild homes and repopulate the town. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.