Another gator sighting reported in Fayette County

A kayaker was convinced he saw an alligator in Fayette County’s Lake McIntosh on Monday and even called 911 to report it. That prompted officials to close the reservoir to recreational activities for 24 hours. But a Georgia Department of Natural Resources ranger, a county marshal as well as a state alligator expert who searched the lake have been unable to find it. So, now what?

Signs are now posted at Lake McIntosh warning of the sighting and the possible presence of an alligator. But on a sunny, hot day such as Thursday, there were still plenty of people still enjoying the lake.

“We paddled about six miles today and didn't see an alligator,” said Frieda Everitt, who is vitiating from Florida.

Authorities believe the sighting to be credible. And the buzz around town all seem to believe the news and it also seems many are even willing to live with it as a new reality in north Georgia.

“If you leave it alone, it will leave you alone,” said Russ Thomas, who lives in Peachtree City.

On Wednesday night, alligator expert Jason Clark, a licensed trapper, found no evidence of an alligator in Lake McIntosh. But he told FOX 5 News, he wouldn't be surprised if one is out there.

Clark is also searching for the nearby gator called Flat Creek Floyd who was sighted in Flat Creek in Peachtree City only a couple miles from Lake McIntosh.

Despite, not finding the Lake McIntosh gator, county officials said the signs will remain for now.

“There is nothing else we can do until we find evidence. We’ve looked, we've found nothing,” said Charles Oddo, Fayette County Chairman.

So, the message is to be careful, enjoy the lake, and report anything unusual by calling 911. Just make sure to do it before deciding to take a selfie.