Another Atlanta Community Gets Surveillance Cameras

The neighborhood camera surveillance program is going to expand in Atlanta. Homeowners in the small community of Brookwood Hills are raising funds to make the purchase.

Buckhead already has cameras -- part of a commitment of $2 million. The effort all started with a Buckhead council member, Yolanda Adrean. She and the mayor authorized funding for the Buckhead cameras.

Each camera costs $15,000. The police department has a feed on all the cameras which are coordinated by the Atlanta Police Foundation.

A longtime community activist, Michael Langford, applauds what homeowners on the north side are doing to try to make their neighborhoods safer. But he wants to know what can be done for less prosperous areas of town where citizens may not be able to pledge those resources.

A spokesperson for the mayor said Kasim Reed is committed to fighting crime in all parts of Atlanta.