Amid threats, officer involved in controversial shooting is under protection homeland security

Amid threats, an Atlanta detective who fired on a man in a parking lot incident is now receiving protection from homeland security.

Chief Erika Shields, in a bulletin to all of her officers explained the special protective detail. The move comes as she is being criticized by some in the department for releasing the investigator's name.

Yasim Abdulahad is one of two detectives who said they smelled marijuana coming from a car. The occupant, Deaundre Phillips, initially talked to the officers, but a short time later tried to drive away from the parking lot of the public safety annex building.

Police said one of the two detectives has partially inside the vehicle when he attempted to drive off.

Chief Shields initially said she had concerns about making the identity of the shooter public because of “graphic” threats made on social media.

When she changed that decision 24 hours later, the action drew the ire of the police union.

Vince Champion believes the names of both officers should be withheld until the investigation into the officer involved killing is complete.

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