American soldier starts GoFundMe to help bring dogs home following coronavirus outbreak in Italy

An American soldier, who was in the middle of relocating from Sicily, Italy to Texas for a permanent change of station (PCS), is asking for the public's help in getting her dogs to the United States. 

Nique Segura is an American soldier who has been stationed in Italy.

The military flight that she was booked for with her two dogs got canceled last minute due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, according to Segura. "The boys are too big to fly commercial and now I’m responsible for getting my babies back through a private shipping company last minute," Segura explained in her GoFundMe. "Leaving them in Italy is NOT an option."

A permanent change of station is the relocation from one duty station to another. A permanent change of station can require military members to move anywhere stateside and overseas.

Segura explains in her GoFundMe campaign that she got her dog Diesel six years ago when he was about five weeks old. "As much as he’s grown in that time, he’s taught me to grow as a person. This guy is literally my best friend," Segura explains.


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Her dog Charlie was found three years ago in Sicily living in the field behind her house. Segura gained his trust after a month of fresh bread and steaks. 

To donate to Nique Segura's GoFundMe campaign, click here.