Ambassador Young promotes peace and kindness worldwide

Ambassador Andrew Young and a world peace movement are asking everyone to be kinder to each and engage in prayer and unity.

Young and The World Peace Revival Movement believe random acts of kindness and daily prayer are the first steps in obtaining global peace.

The 90-year-old former Atlanta mayor says he has always been a peacemaker and bridge builder. He says that spirit of reconciliation was instilled in him by his father when he was a young child.

"My daddy's motto was ‘Don't get mad, get smart,’" Young said.

"I was born in New Orleans with an Irish grocery store on one corner, an Italian bar on another, the Nazi party was on a third corner. They were flying swastikas when I was 4 years old. So all my life, I have been dealing with conflict," the former Congressman said.

Young has joined forces with the World Peace Revival Movement which is promoting peace and unity across the globe. They are asking everyone to break down political and religious barriers by being kind and engaging in prayer.

"A billion prayers around the world and acts of kindness is what we are striving for. It's saying thank you and saying please, tipping little extra and thanking our servers," Community Foundation CEO DePriest Waddy shared.

The World Peace Revival Movement plans to honor Dr. King's rich legacy of peace by unveiling an 8-foot foot statue of the icon in Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park on the Westside and staging a "Peace Walk."

Ambassador Young is challenging metro Atlanta to answer the call.

"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me and if I can be peaceful within myself, I can be peaceful with those around me. 

That peace walk will culminate at Rodney Cook Sr. Park April 1st and the statue will be unveiled at that time.