Alpharetta Police say 2 men tried to convince teen girl to get in their car

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Alpharetta Police are telling people to be on the lookout for a suspicious looking older model white sedan.  Police say two men in the car tried to convince a teenage girl to get in it with them.

Investigators say the teen girl and a friend were walking home from the tennis and swim area in the Tuxford Subdivision. The girl told police they split up at the end of the road to go to their homes, that's when the car pulled up beside her. 

"The driver told her 'get in the car' she refused to do so, he kept saying 'don't you need a ride?' She said 'No I don't'!" said Alpharetta Police Officer Howard Miller.

Police say the men were persistent, telling her several times to get in.  Eventually, police say the driver gave up, stepped on the gas and took off.

"She did the right thing by refusing to get in the car, standing her ground. She went home and told her family and they called the police," said Officer Miller.

Word spread quickly through the community.  It was on Facebook, the Nextdoor App, and an email went out. 

"Normally we don't see things like this happening here so we're all just going to be a little more careful," said Tricia Needs.

Needs says her two teenagers told her about it, which was a perfect opportunity to talk about safety.

"We talked about being careful, being in pairs, and if something happens to run up to someone's house knock on the door, we all know each other," said Needs.

It took a lot of people in this quiet subdivision by surprise, and now, everyone is on the lookout for the suspicious white sedan. 

"It's kind of frightening that you can be in a cozy, secure neighborhood and these kinds of things happen," said Kenny Giardina.

Investigators say the men in the car are described as African American men, early to mid 20's, they both had beards.