After giving up hope, family reunited with lost dog 3 years later in Gwinnett County

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After almost three years of being separated from his family, a lost dog was recently reunited with his owners, thanks to the use of a microchip. The heartwarming story took place in Gwinnett County, where Animal Welfare and Enforcement officials found the dog and traced him back to his original family.

The family had given up hope of ever seeing their beloved Teddy again, but the microchip allowed Animal Welfare to locate the owners and bring them back together. The joyous reunion serves as a reminder of the importance of microchipping your pets.

Vernon Sawyer, the Division Director of Gwinnett Animal Welfare, stated that this story highlights the significance of microchipping your pets. It increases the likelihood of being reunited with them if they ever get lost.

A microchip is a tiny electronic device that is implanted under the skin of your pet, usually between the shoulder blades. It contains a unique identification number that can be scanned by a special device. Gwinnett Animal Welfare offers this service free of charge for all dogs and cats available for adoption.

Additionally, Animal Welfare spays or neuters all dogs and cats before they go to their new homes to help control the pet population and reduce the number of homeless pets in the community. All adoption fees are currently waived at the Bill Atkinson Animal Welfare Center, and residents are encouraged to consider adopting or fostering.

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