After 28 years, Austell firefighter meets his first newborn delivery

An Austell firefighter, who delivered a baby, got to meet the child for the first time. That baby is now 28 years old.

Even though it’s been almost three decades, Austell firefighter Tim Dobbs says he remembers the birth because it was the first baby he helped deliver.

"You only deliver so many babies in a career," said Dobbs.

In 1994, Dobb was a relatively new EMT. He was on-duty when a call came in that a woman was in labor.

"The fire department got there and Tim Dobbs was coming through my door. He said, ‘Oh no, no, don’t have this baby, I don’t have my gloves on.’ I said, ‘He’s coming he’s coming!’"

"I was kind of nervous, well scared to death, if you want to know the truth," said Dobbs.

Right there in Raynette McCounly’s living room, her son, Owen, was born.

Twenty-eight years later, Raynette’s church was having a community event this past weekend. The fire department was there, showing off its new ladder truck.

Raynette discovered Dobbs was there too.

"My eyes just got this big around and I ran back to the car to tell my son, and said, ‘The guy that delivered you is here!’" said Raynette.

Raynette re-introduced Dobbs to her son, the baby he helped deliver so many years ago.

"She asked me if I recognized him. I said, ‘His voice changed!’" said Dobbs.

"I was just so shocked and proud, like I met the man who helped the man, who helped my mom bring me to this world," said Owen Washington.

Raynette said it was like a family reunion seeing the two of them together.

"In the fire service, in general, we see a lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly, this was obviously a good thing," said Dobbs.

Raynette says she always remembered Dobb’s name because it’s on Owen’s birth certificate as the person who delivered him.