ACLU demands changes in Cobb County jail

Demands are being made to improve conditions at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. Monday night, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners heard concerns about the treatment of inmates at the jail.

Over the past couple of months, there have been meetings and protests regarding the jail after a reported seven inmate deaths in the past year and a lockdown that was in place for months.

The ACLU of Georgia called the conditions deplorable. The ACLU asked commissioners to pass a resolution to direct Sheriff Neil Warren to end the lockdown, if it's still in place, immediately. The organization also wants all open records requests answered. They also want all deaths explained and to implement a plan to ensure that no one else dies at the detention center. The ACLU also wants to see a citizens review board that will look at all complaints and grievances.

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While the sheriff runs the jail, Chris Bruce with the ACLU said the commissioners have an influence.

"How much funding goes to the jail, to the sheriff's salary is determined by them, they have to do something about it," said Bruce.

John Coleman's son has been in jail for several months. He said he hears the stories. He begged the commissioners to do something about the conditions.

"I ask that you get in touch with the sheriff's office and make them be accountable, make them stop these unnecessary deaths," said Coleman.

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In a recent statement, Sheriff Neal Warren said there are a lot of false statements being made. Sheriff Warren said

"The sad reality is that many of our inmates come to us with pre-existing health problems that they may not even be aware of. Their health could have been affected by their lifestyle, their possible use of highly addictive drugs and an overall avoidance of the medical profession for reasons only they know."

The statement goes on to state: 

"What must change is the rhetoric and false statements surrounding these sad situations in order to inflame the public for either financial or political gain."

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