Accused Comerica Park pizza spitter ordered to test for infectious diseases

A Comerica Park food service worker captured on video spitting on a pizza was ordered to get tested for infectious diseases as a condition of his bond during his arraignment Tuesday morning.

The judge ruled 20-year-old Jaylon Kerley must get medically tested, including a hepatitis panel, which is an array of tests used to detect hepatitis infections. 

According to prosecutors, a coworker took a video of Kerley spitting on a pizza he was preparing and the incident was reported to the police by Comerica Park's head of security. 

Comerica Park food service worker charged with felony for spitting on pizza

The food service worker was fired and arrested on September 23. He is facing one count of Food Law Violations, a four-year felony, and one count of Food Law Violations, a 90-day misdemeanor. 

During his arraignment Tuesday, he was given a $100,000/10 percent bond. As a condition of the bond, Kerley must make himself available and/or be subject to mandatory testing for infectious diseases, including a hepatitis panel.

Comerica Park worker charged after coworker records pizza spitting

He is expected to return to court Oct. 3. 

Quinell May, the person who filmed the video, claims he was wrongfully terminated for exposing a worker during the Tigers game Friday. He says the other employee didn't care he was being recorded and when he tried to speak up, he claims he was ignored.

"I was disgusted, I was mad, I was flabbergasted actually, because who wants to see something like that, spitting in a customer's pizza?" he said. "I tried to contact management, they didn't want to listen. They told me to shut up."

"At that moment you went to tell your manager someone's spitting in the pizza, they told you to be quiet about it?" FOX 2 asked.

"At first I said I had to use the bathroom but I was actually looking for someone higher in management to tell about what was happening to the pizzas and show the video, and when I came back they said, 'You took too long at the bathroom. Sign out and go home.'"

So the 17-year-old high school student did -- and put the video on Instagram. And he says this guy told him he'd done it before.

Detroit Sports Service released a pair of statements: 

You can watch the full arraignment on FOX 2 News Now: