Accidental Shooting Leaves Paulding Co. Girl Dead

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Paulding County deputies are investigating an accidental shooting where two people were shot. 

According to Sgt. Ashley Henson, just before 4:00 p.m. Saturday a mother was at home with four children when someone dropped a gun on the floor.  The gun went off inside the home at the corner of Fairview Drive and Fairview Oak Place. 

A mother and child were injured and taken to the hospital.  Based on interviews with the people inside the home at the time of the shooting, deputies believe it was an accident.

"At this point, from what investigators have told me, it looks as if it's going to be an accidental shooting, but at this point we would investigate it thoroughly and as if a crime had occurred," said Sgt. Henson. 

Deputies did not say who was handling the firearm.

UPDATE: The Paulding Co Sheriff confirms that the 8-year-old has died. The mother, 45-years-old, was informed this morning after her surgery.