About 50,000 march for women's rights in downtown Austin

Saturday, tens of thousands of people filled up the streets downtown for the Women's March on Austin.

It was one of hundreds of women's marches that took place all over the world.

“I'm just really happy to be here because I really want to be a part of this incredible energy,” said Judy Morgan who was at the march Saturday. 

It was the largest gathering the Capital City has ever seen.

Organizers said they printed 30,000 stickers for participants and ran out just two hours into the event.
Austin police estimate about 50,000 people attended.

“I've never seen this many people in Austin coming together for one cause, for one purpose, so it's just really remarkable that all of these people have come out,” Morgan said.

People said they traveled from all over the state to be a part of the movement.
They wanted to send a message to President Donald Trump and all politicians representing the people.

“Try to have respect for others and their differences, try to make the country better for everyone not just yourself,” said Alissandra Ayala who was also at the march. 

“We can tell Donald Trump that he can't control our bodies and we can do anything that men can do,” said Sophia Tames who participated with her parents. 

While the event was named the Women's March, it included all genders, races, ages and nationalities because the goal was not to protest, but to bring everyone together to support women's rights.

“Because we are all human beings and we all need to be treated equally. And when women ask for women's rights, we are not asking to be higher than men. We're asking to be equal, to have the same opportunities all the males in America have. That's what we're asking for,” said Karen Essman who traveled from the Dallas area for the demonstration.

Although many feel there is still a long way to go before women are treated with the respect they deserve, people at the march say the millions supporting their cause all over the world is a step in the right direction.

Austin police closed several roads while people marched through the downtown area.

Congress Avenue, 11th Street, 12th Street and Lavaca were all impacted during the afternoon hours.

All those roads have since reopened.