About 200 rabbits found in Grayson home

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Authorities say 200 rabbits are being surrendered to Gwinnett County authorities, after the owner called animal welfare officials and said she could no longer care for all the animals. 

Police say the woman who lives on Bennett Road has a petting zoo, and say she will not be charged or investigated for the care of the rabbits, as officers say the rabbits were healthy despite the sheer number of the animals. 

"None of them are frail. This is not a traditional hoarding issue," says Corp. Deon Washington. 

The rabbit rescue, the Georgia House Rabbit Society, showed up as well. Leaders argue the conditions the rabbits were being kept in were not healthy, especially as so many unneutered animals were kept in close quarters outside. 

"In my opinion, it's the way the rabbits are being kept. They don't do very well outside," says Dr. Stewart Colby, a veterinarian with Windward Animal Hospital.

 He says the only rabbit rescued today may possibly have syphilis, which can be spread among rabbits. 

Police say they plan to rescue the animals dozens at a time, over the course of four weeks; the rabbits will eventually be available for adoption.

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