A unique holiday light show brings cheer to children's hospital

Being in the hospital, for any child, is hard, especially during the holidays. But at Shriner's Children's Hospital in Sacramento, there's something magical in the air.

Every Tuesday night, throughout the month of December, local police and firefighters gather outside the hospital and turn on their lights to brighten the patients' stays. It's turned into a community event.

"And he just lit up," says  Veronica Frost, a patient's mom. " He couldn't believe it. He's like, 'Those are my friends.'"

It's called Good Night Lights. The event started about 10 years ago on the East Coast, and has caught on across the country.

 Renee Mitchell, who works with regional transit and the local police department, helped bring it to Sacramento.

 "Not just their families that are looking out for 'em," says Mitchell. " But there's a, a bigger part of the community that's kind of there for them in spirit."

"I can't imagine not being able to take my kids out to see Christmas lights 'cause they are too ill to go," says mom Jenne Wolter. " So, I told 'em we were going to come out here and help bring Christmas lights to kids who can't go out.”

And for the patients, it's bright spot away from home.

"He likes that they(the lights) are red.," says Frost, "his favorite color."