A hot dog is how much at Super Bowl LIII?

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be serving special items at Super Bowl LIII, but at the same reasonable rates as it does during the Falcons season.

Super Bowl tickets... $2,600 to $4,600, hotel room... $500 to $5,000 a night... paying $2 for a hot dog at the NFL's biggest game of the year... priceless. There are some stadium where the fans, concessions they won't buy, for everyone else, there's Mercedes-Benz Stadium!

The Benz will be using the same pricing structure it uses during the Falcons and Atlanta United seasons. That includes $2 hot dogs, $3 nachos, and $5 draft beers. That's practically unprecedented for a professional sports game, let alone the Super Bowl, but that's how they roll in the A-T-L.

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Georgia fans saw concessions prices slashed by 50 percent when Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened in 2017. Since then, the Falcons shot from 18 to number one in the NFL's fan survey for food and beverage experience.

"I was like, 'Wow, this is affordable!'" said Georgia State University student Jerel Jackson.

"It was almost like an all-you-can-eat buffet because of the price of the food," said Atlanta resident Steven Camara.

Stadium officials admit the affordable pricing isn't a money-maker, but instead, a “thank you” to fans.

"Owners across all the leagues are going to have to make investments to make sure that their overall product coaxes people off the couch and into the stadium," said Steve Cannon, CEO of Arthur M. Blank Group

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And as tens of thousands of out-of-towners get a taste of the fan-first pricing, sports business analysts say many will start expecting the same treatment from their home stadium.

"As the Falcons' model catches more fire, I think you'll see more teams that are going to have more difficulty ignoring this," said Dr. Tim Kellison, Public Policy and Sports Researcher at Georgia State University.

Meanwhile, at the Benz, staff are preparing special items for sale, also reasonably priced. Among them are a Southern chick-n-waffles.

“Fresh waffle we're making in-house, sorghum butter and jumbo chicken wings that we're making in-house as well. it's going to be a great item. it looks great, tastes great. So, it should be a good one,” Executive Chef Matt Cooper said.

Cooper also said they will offer a short rib plate and specialty drinks exclusively for the big game, but it won’t be a big hit on the wallet.

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