911 call leading to fatal Georgia Tech campus shooting released

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The 911 call which eventually led the officer-involved shooting of a Georgia Tech student was released Tuesday.

Scott "Scout" Schultz, 21, died early Sunday after a Georgia Tech Police officer shot Schultz outside a dormitory on West Campus. The shooting itself was caught on camera, but the 911 calls are offering new insight into the investigation being conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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Saturday’s call, which lasted less than a minute, sent campus police searching for an armed individual. Throughout the call, a calm and collected voice could be heard describing the armed individual. Investigators said that caller turned out to be Scout.

Operator: "Georgia tech police, how can I help you?"

Caller: "Somebody's like skulking outside. Looks like he's got... got's a knife in his hand. I think he might have a gun on his hip."

Authorities said the call came in just after 11 p.m. The suspicious armed individual, investigators said, matched Scout’s description.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Georgia Tech officers responded and that is when one campus officer, now identified as Tyler Beck, opened fire, shooting Schultz after they said the 21-year-old student advanced on officers with a knife and refused commands to drop the multi-purpose tool that contained a knife.

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During the call, Scout also said the armed individual was possibly intoxicated.

Caller: “Looks like he might be drunk or something.”

Scout goes on to describe the individual and their clothing, which authorities said matched what Scout was wearing.

Caller: “Ah, long blond hair, white t-shirt, jeans…”

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The GBI confirmed agents found three suicide notes in scout's dorm room following the shooting.

Investigators said while they did find a multi-purpose tool with a knife on it, they did not find a gun on Scout.

Officer Beck was placed paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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